EDSVIK KONSTHALL WEST 16.11 - 15.12 2013

Extract - Utsnitt
Paintings, lithographs and drypoints 1980 - 2013

The exhibition "Utsnitt/Extract" with my black and white drypoint engravings have been shown in Manière Noire Galerie, Berlin, Galleria G / Finnish Printmakers Association, Helsinki, Swedish Printmakers´ Association, Stockholm and shall proceed to Kunstverket, Oslo and Dalarnas Museum in Falun, 2014. At Edsvik Konsthall I will also show a selection of my paintings and lithographs for a period that extends back to the early 1980s. It is the first time I show a major compilation of what I have done over the years, which includes paintings as well as lithographs.

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