Trade/Gift/Purchase: Artist Collect – Warren G. Flowers Gallery, Dawson College, Montreal, Canada 5.2 – 21.3

The Warren G. Art Flowers Gallery is pleased to present Trade/ Gift/ Purchase: Artists Collect, selected works from the personal collections of Dawson College Visual Arts Faculty. Each of the 50+ artworks in the exhibition has a unique story attached to it. Together, they offer a public glimpse into otherwise private collections. Collecting art takes on a different meaning for artists themselves. Some seek out pieces by individuals who have inspired their own practice, some build their collection through collaborations and trades, some choose to support emerging artists, while others have a less systematic approach. The exhibition explores the idea of artist collections as dialogues, historical documents, research and more. It features works that date from the 18th century to the present day.



Warren G. Flowers Gallery

Dawson College - 2nd Floor, G Wing

4001 de Maisonneuve Blvd, W

Montreal, QC  H3Z 3G4