Pointe & Burin/Taylor Foundation Paris 9.6 – 2.7 2016

Swedish Printmaking – La Gravure Suédoise

Mikael Kihlman, invité d´honneur
Hommage à Anders Zorn, Axel Fridell and Carl Larsson

Contemporary Printmaking: Paola Didong, Ulla Fries, Lars Nyberg, Dennis Stéen, Mats Svensson, P G Thelander, Jukka Vänttinen, Jesper Waldersten and Örjan Wikström

Opening on thursday june 9 between 5pm and 9pm
Exhibition is between 9.6 – 2.7

1 rue La Bruyère 75009 Paris, tel: 01 48 74 85 24, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Open tuesday – saturday between 2pm and 8 pm

"A la gare/At the train station", drypoint, 24 x 21 cm, 2016. Edition printed for Pointe & Burin by René Tazé in his Workshop in Paris, Edition: 60 signed and numbered copies, H.C. XV , E.A. XXV.