LIBRARY GALLERY  26.5 - 21.8 2011

From H.M. King's graphics collection:

Architecture and an occasional garden or two

Buildings and monuments have always been depicted for its beauty, its greatness or because they just happened to be standing there, in the city, the countryside or just in the imagination. This year's exhibition from H.M. King's graphic collection at the Royal Palace emphasis on buildings and their surroundings. With an occasional person who has been placed in the picture more as an accessory, background or padding. From the classic black and white engravings to colorful depictions of idyllic Italian palaces, royal holidays in the eternal sun-soaked, manicured gardens and landscapes.

Traditional copper engravings and stone lithographs from the 17 -. 18 - and 1900's, drawings, sketches and paintings on paper. From Louis Jean Despres architectural sketches and drawings to Axel Fridell, Harald Sallberg and Olle Olsson Hagalund.


Selection of prints at the Royal Castle in Stockholm

Since 2004, in the Library Gallery, Grafikens Hus , there has been has exhibited graphics from the collection of H.M. the King from the Royal Castle in Stockholm. The theme and the selection has been done during the late autumn the year before, and has been approved by the King and the opening has usually been held in may or early june every year. The exhibitions has been lasting during the whole summer and has been a very popular and appreciated part of the exhibitions at Grafikens hus.

It has always been exciting and a great pleasure to curate these exhibitions. At the Royal Castle and in the Bernadotte Library there are many unique prints that has never been exposed for the public before.

Pictures:: Karl Haskel, Husgerådskammaren in december 2010.