Mikael Kihlman - graphics and paintings
Sabine Öllerer - objects

Welcome for the opening, saturday 25 august between 13-16

Open: Saturday-Sunday 13-16, open upon request 0733-687305
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Galleri Danart, Österlen - Small Medium Large - Summerexhibition

Smal Medium Large, july - 23 september 2012
Ulf Lundkvist, Lukas Göthman, Anders Kappel, Mikael Kihlman, Madeleine Pyk, Eva H Zettervall, Bo Swenson, Martin Wickström and Ola Åstrand

The gallery is situated 7 km from Borrby towards Simrishamn
or 10 km from Simrishamn towards Borrby
Follow road sign
phone: +46-70-984 39 44




Manière Noire - Berlin  8.6 - 15.8 2012


Silent Cities - Ausschnitt-Utsnitt
Mikael Kihlman - drypoint and mezzotint 1988 - 2012

Opening friday 8.6 at 7 p.m.
Manière Noire - workshop and gallery
Waldenser Straße 7a, 10551 Berlin
phone: +49-(0)17664238476

Open: wed-fri 9.30-15.00 or by appointment


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New book - Almlöfs Förlag 31.5 2012

Mikael Kihlman - drypoint and mezzotint 1988-2012.
Text by Karl Haskel (swedish, finnish, german and english).
Hardback 56 pages, Edition Almlöfs 2012.
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Price: 17 EUR+postage

The exhibition “Utsnitt - Otteita - Ausschnitt – Extract” will be shown at the following venues, et al.:
Manière Noir, Berlin, Germany, 8.6 – 15.8  2012
Galleria G, Taidegraafikot, The Association of Finnish Printmakers, Helsinki, Finland, 24.10 - 11.11 2012
Galleri Grafiska Sällskapet, The Swedish Printmakers' Association, Stockholm, Sweden, 23.2 - 13.3 2013
Dalarnas Museum, Falun, Sweden (dates not set yet)
Kunstverket, Oslo, Norway, Winter 2014 (dates not set yet)




Krzy?em Kawalerskim Orderu Zas?ugi Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej


At a festive and solemn ceremony on may 25 2012 at the Polish Embassy in Stockholm, I and Torun Ekstrand received the Knight's Cross of Merit of the Republic of Poland. Thanks to all who has in any way contributed to this. I am grateful and honored!

Picture: Katarzyna Tubylewicz, director at the Polish Institute, me, Torun Ekstrand and the Polish Ambassador Adam Ha?aci?ski.